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Six Easy Steps to Transform Your Corporate Holiday Party

By October 15, 2019May 9th, 2022No Comments

Six Easy Steps to Transform Your Corporate Holiday Party

That time of year is coming around again – and so we thought it would be a good idea to re-post one of our most read blog posts. We hope it will inspire you to get excited about your next corporate Christmas or Holiday party.

I know I know…you hear the words ‘corporate Christmas party’ and you shudder. I am sure that most of us can probably share a story or two about an office party gone terribly wrong.

Let’s not go to that place. Let’s go instead to the corporate party of your dreams –  a party where the food is phenomenal, the drinks divine, and the entertainment enticing. A party where you actually enjoy spending more time with your colleagues and the camaraderie actually enhances your working relationship.

Sound too good to be true? This kind of party (and more!) can be yours if you hire the right caterer to help you create an amazing experience for you and your colleagues. Great parties don’t just happen – they are carefully and lovingly created. We have catered some pretty amazing corporate parties and we go the extra mile to make these parties fun experiences for everyone involved (including the organizer!).

Instead of doing the same-old same-old when it comes to checking things off the list for the party look at each element as an opportunity to bring people together and celebrate each other while you strengthen your relationships along the way.

Here is a list of simple things each party needs with some suggestions for how you can easily make your party a fun and memorable experience. Remember – think of each element  as an ingredient to add to the overall experience.

Devour Catering caters amazing corporate parties that get everyone involved

1. Ask the question 'Why are we having this party?' The answer is your action plan!

When helping a company organize their party we always start by asking ‘why are you having this party?’. This can be a trickier question than you think. If the answer is because ‘we have to’ then we have some work to do!

Is the party a celebration of a year of hard work or the successful completion of a business objective?  Is the party a way to thank everyone for their efforts over the year?  Is the party a way for everyone in the office to spend time socially together and become more of a team?  Is it a combination of all three?

By knowing the purpose of the party and what the company wants to communicate to their employees – we have a great place to start.  Making each detail thoughtful, meaningful, and relevant to your guests and your company will ensure the party makes an impact that will last longer than the actual event. It may even become the catalyst for great water cooler conversations!

2. Invitations

Invitations are to a party what a trailer is to a movie. A well crafted invitation will set the tone and should make guests excited about attending. Who gets excited about another email in their inbox? How about hand delivering fun invitations with a treat that gets people excited about the party?  A lousy trailer doesn’t make you want to see the movie…and a lack lustre invitation may not motivate your guests to attend either.

3. Dress Code

Remove the stress around ‘what to wear?’ and incorporate into something fun for people to look forward to as they get ready for the party. One of the best ideas we have seen is a ‘black tie and sneakers’ dress code with prizes awarded to best sneakers worn. People went all out and there were some fantastic gold sequined sneakers and even some Christmas tree high tops complete with flashing lights!

4. Food and Drinks

Okay – this is where you can really get the party started!

Greet your guests with a signature cocktail as they walk through the door! This is such a simple idea but it is often overlooked. The welcoming cocktail does a few things; it welcomes guests (obvious!), it makes guests feel comfortable and able to orient themselves right away instead of having to stand in a line at the bar, and it sets the tone or starts the theme of the party as well.

Instead of boring old appetizers, or what I often refer to as ‘functional food’ designed to feed you but not excite or spoil you – make sure the food is one of the jewels at the party. Devour’s food is delicious and anything but ordinary. Passed hors d’oeuvres will be greeted with anticipation by guests and can become a point of conversation. Comfort food stations such as lobster macaroni and cheese or a ‘build your own taco’ stand are things that people will enjoy while mingling with one another.

5. Entertainment and Some Friendly Competition

Great entertainment doesn’t need to be a high priced band or DJ, it can mean YOU!  Costume boxes and karaoke, sculpture building, Christmas tree decorating, treasure hunts, dance lessons….the list is endless (really it is….just ask us and we can keep adding to it!).

Prizes – if your company can afford it – make these something worth competing for and the party is sure to be a blast for everyone.  And, if budget is an issue, then buying inexpensive joke gifts can go a long way as well.

6. Party Favours

Party favours or some delicious little treat to eat on the way home could include a handwritten note of thanks and good wishes that will end the evening on a great note as guests can keep enjoying the evening on their way home.

If you want Devour Catering to help you make your office Christmas party go from ‘so-so’ to ‘fantastic!” just give us a call. Life really is worth celebrating – even if that life is the work part of your life.  We all spend a great deal of time at work and it can be a wonderful thing to truly celebrate and thank those people you are with everyday.  Send us your information and we will get the party started!

Be sure to check out our new Fall and Winter menus on the website. Your tummy will start to grumble and your mouth will water….I guarantee it!

We’d love to be the caterers for your next party. Make sure you plan ahead for your Calgary corporate catering event, since our schedule tends to fill up quickly. Click here for more information.

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