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So Much Thanks to Give

By October 11, 2019May 10th, 2022No Comments

So Much Thanks to Give

Want to be healthier and happier? It starts with gratitude, and a lot of it. In fact giving, and giving often, makes it easier to connect and deepen relationships with everyone around you. Devoted to giving at every chance we get, it’s no secret that Thanksgiving is our favourite holiday. And we’d like to kick off the holidays with a “thank you” to you.

Fresh Thinking

Traditions are great, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up and put a different twist on Thanksgiving. Instead of turkey, stuffing and all the typical trimmings, why not make a meal that combines everyone’s favourites?  From a potluck and stress-free catered event to take out, or the full meal deal, the only ingredient you really need is an open mind, and yes, gratitude too.

Off Our Menu

When it comes to warming hearts, our Corn Bread always does the trick. With hints of southern hospitality, it’s a holiday favourite that satisfies everyone at the table. And one of our favourite seasonal starters is our very own Devour Pumpkin Squash Soup. Every ladle is filled with love.

Local Deliciousness

One sweet new company we recently discovered is Chomp-a-lomp cookies. Chomp-a-lomp personalizes their cookies with photos, logos, and fun sayings – for any occasion. They come in stylish boxes and include a personal note too. We also love the take out taco bar at Native Tongues Taqueria. Planning a Day of the Dead celebration? Bring the heat home and give guests something to taco about. Pza Parlour is a casual pizza chain popping up around Calgary. This modern pizza restaurant features pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes at great prices. They have wine too!

Tasty Resources

Oh She Glows is a vegan cookbook that we’re aglow over. Written by Canadian Angela Liddon, it features 100 recipes that look amazing, taste amazing and give you a healthy glow, inside out. One of our favourite recipes is her pumpkin butter. It’s easy to make and can be used on a lot of different things.

Food for Thought

Saying ‘grace’. Do you? Don’t you? Here are great ideas for non-denominational ways of saying ‘grace’ or thank you before you eat a meal. And when it comes to recognizing all the people and resources it takes to bring a meal to the table, we have a great way to say “thanks”. Send a gratitude e-card to a farmer, grocery store, cook or the person who fed you a beautiful holiday meal.

Client and staff appreciation events are not only fun – they’re good for business too. Check out our latest blog to see how gratitude can transform your workplace.

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