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Inspired catering

All the richness and variety of colour continues to inspire our menu creations for spring and summer. Wonderful colours that lift our spirits and entice us to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the trees and flowers leafing up and blooming all around us.

The sight and smell of food whets our appetite. But we know that once you begin to taste and devour our food you will be entranced by the flavours and textures that we weave into everything we make. You will want more of our carefully crafted, colour inspired menu perfect for dinner parties, backyard barbecues, picnics or any other gathering that you’ve been longing to host.


  • All hors d’oeuvres are priced per piece and sold in a minimum quantity of two dozen
  • All other menu items (unless noted) are priced at time of your event/catering inquiry


  • GF Gluten Free
  • DF Dairy Free
  • V Vegetarian
  • VG Vegan
  • NF Nut Free



Be the host with the most and offer a selection of tastes and textures with a variety of flavours, all in one spot. 

Summer trio cheese board
Featuring Pierre Robert, mango Stilton, and Comte cheese and served with fresh and dried fruit, fig orange jam, crackers and crisps (*gf crackers on the side). $230

Suggested for 20 guests and providing 2 oz/60 grams of cheese per guest plus accoutrements. 

Chicken Shawarma platter
A delicious Turkish-inspired platter featuring grilled chicken, turmeric rice, roasted summer vegetables, tzatziki, and hummus and served with mini flatbreads. $225

Suggested for 20 guests and providing 2.5 oz/70 grams of chicken per guest plus accoutrements. 

Local and imported cheese board
A curated selection of 5 specialty cheeses served with fresh and dried fruit, fig orange jam, crackers and crisps (*gf crackers on the side). $360

Suggested for 30 guests and providing 2 oz/60 grams of cheese per guest plus accoutrements. 

Vegetable crudités board
A beautifully presented seasonal selection of crisp vegetables (gf/vg). $60

Charcuterie Board
A curated selection of local and European cured meats, delicious pâté and sausages served with house-pickled vegetables, olives, Dijon aioli, tapenade and cornichons accompanied with rustic breads. (*all meats are gluten-free). $160
Suggested for 20 guests and providing 1.5 oz/45 grams of charcuterie per guest plus accoutrements.

Poached salmon platter
A full side of gorgeous salmon served with blanched crispy vegetables, cucumber spears, pickled red onions and pink radishes, artichoke hearts, lemon wedges and capers. $290

Suggested for 20 guests and providing 2oz/70 grams of salmon per guest plus accoutrements. 

Fruit and melon board
A colourful selection of seasonal fresh fruit (gf/vegan). $60

Vegetable mezze platter
Caprese skewers (gf/v), Spanakopita (v), Dolmades (gf/vg) served with marinated olives, feta cheese and bruschetta with herbed flatbread. $160

Suggested for 20 guests and providing 5 bites per guest.

Peppered Beef Tenderloin Platter
Thinly sliced and presented with horseradish, Dijon aioli, arugula and Parkerhouse rolls. Served with Devour potato chips, roasted vegetables, and roasted red pepper hummus (gf/v/*contains sesame). $380

Providing 24 delicious sandwiches with 2 oz/60 grams of tenderloin per sandwich plus accoutrements. (*please ask about gluten-free buns that can also be added as a side item). 

Tea sandwich platter
A selection of finger sandwiches including egg salad, seafood salad, roast beef with horseradish aioli, and marinated cucumber with dill cream cheese served with sweet pickles and cornichons. $210

Suggested for 15 guests and providing a total of 62 pieces per platter. 

Dessert platter
A gorgeous assortment of 50 pieces of sweet treats. To include white chocolate citrus madeleines, mini pannacotta with peach compote (gf), cherry-chocolate brownies (gf) and Pretty Sweet squares, macarons (gf) and stuffed cookies. $160


Perfect for any gathering and all house-made; our chips, dips and popcorn options are always a hit – you could call them classics. Please inquire for pricing as all are sold in various sizes and combinations.
$2.5 – $100

Posh Popcorn
Chile lime (gf/vg).
Salt and vinegar (gf/vg).
Salted caramel (gf/v).
Truffle pepper (gf/vg).

Hand Cut Chips

Devour kettle chips – A mix of purple, sweet, and Yukon gold potatoes (gf/vg).
Spiced pita chips (v/vg).
Tortilla ribbons (gf/vg).

Delicious dips
Carrot cumin (gf/vg).
Classic sour cream and chive dip (gf/v).
Grilled pineapple salsa (gf/vg).
Roasted red pepper hummus (gf/vg/*contains sesame).
Sweet green pea dip with lemon, spinach and mint (gf/vg).

Salads, Sides and Mains


Experience the delights of all the healthy colours we bring to our selections of greens. Healthy, hearty and full of flavour. Various portion sizes and combinations available.
$6 – $9.25

Leafy green salad
Garden carrots, pink radishes and tomatoes and a spiced shallot vinaigrette (gf/vg).

Summer quinoa salad
Grilled vegetables and tender greens and white balsamic herbed vinaigrette (gf/vg).

Gem greens and field berries
Creamy goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette (gf/v).

Mexican street corn salad
Black beans and chipotle lime dressing (gf/v).

Devour greens and grilled watermelon
Feta, cucumber, pickled red onion and aged balsamic vinaigrette (gf/v).

Grilled Caesar Salad
Grilled wedges of Romaine drizzled with Caesar dressing and topped with crispy Prosciutto, shaved Parmesan, and toasted panko (gf).

Cider coleslaw (gf/vg)

Potato salad with fresh dill and egg (gf/v)


Our side servings add zest and vigour to our main plates by complimenting each with balance and poise. Various portion sizes and combinations available.
$4 – $9

Tian Provençal
A beautiful and colourful dish of summer vegetables baked in an eye-popping design (gf/v).

Mexican-style corn ribs
Chili lime butter and queso fresco (gf/v).

Summer vegetables off the grill
Agave glaze (gf/vg).

Charred green beans
White balsamic glaze (gf/vg).

Fingerling potatoes
Fresh herbs and olive oil (gf/vg).

Coconut lime rice


Get ready for the main events! Our main dishes bring the best of the season; adding colour, flare and aroma to the soul. Various portion sizes and combinations available.
$17 – $23

Alberta Angus smoked beef brisket
Mama sauce (gf/df). 

Grilled Alberta beef tenderloin
Chimichurri (gf/df). 

Flank steak roulade
Sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and gremolata sauce (gf). 

Caribbean jerk chicken supreme
Grilled pineapple (gf/df). /*Chicken thighs also available. 

Grilled chicken supreme
Summer bruschetta (gf/df). /*Chicken thighs also available.

Stuffed pork tenderloin
Korean sausage and kimchee (gf/df). 

Roasted salmon filet
Gochujang and brown sugar glaze (gf/df). 

Cedar-planked and grilled salmon
Garlic, lemon, and dill (gf/df) 

Vegetarian and Vegan Mains

Calling all vegans…and anyone wanting healthy and nourishing choices. Discover our distinctive and fresh options. Various portion sizes and combinations available.
$12 – $18

King Oyster mushroom ‘steak’
Teriyaki glaze and whipped tofu (gf/vg).

Chiles rellenos
Raja peppers, black beans and salsa (gf/v). 

Summer cauliflower cutlet (gf/vg). 

Summer polenta terrine
Roasted vegetables and Parmesan (gf/v).


Don’t forget to tell your guests to save room for one of our seasonally-inspired desserts. Various portion sizes and combinations available. $3 – $8.

Pavlova with lemon curd
Fresh fruit and coconut whipped cream (gf/vg).

Chocolate espresso pots de crème (gf)

Chocolate and cherry brownie

White chocolate and citrus Madeleine (v)

Bumbleberry crumble
Coconut whipped cream (gf/vg)/*please ask about adding vanilla bean ice cream).

Oatmeal and stone fruit cookie (v)

Peach pannacotta (gf)

Food Bars & Late Night Snacks

Food bars and late night options are always available – perfect for self-service and events that go into the wee hours. 

Food bars
Burger or Slider Bar
Fiesta Taco Bar
Shawarma Bar
Stampede Buffet

Late night snacks
Midnight Breakfast
Nacho Bar
New York Hot Dog Stand
Pretzel Bar
Pizza Station

Sweet finish
Candy Bar
Dessert Bar
Sundae Bar
Top Your Own Doughnut

Please inquire for more details about the variations and sizes available. Custom requests are also possible.

Download menu

Plan ahead for your upcoming event and download a copy of our Spring and Summer Menu here.

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