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Here Comes the Sun

By August 1, 2018May 10th, 2022No Comments

Here Comes the Sun

After a serious prairie winter, many of us have vowed to appreciate every waking moment of sunlight we get. From gorgeous outdoor weddings to family picnics and casual BBQs, we want to help you soak up the sun, and enjoy great food and company while you’re at it.

Fresh Thinking

Sun’s out, fun’s out!  After the world’s longest winter, it’s time to get into party mode. And while we often resort to standard food and party planning, there’s a whole new world of party resources we have access to that can make life easier, and your party that much better. So cheers to the sun, and becoming the ultimate summer party professional.

Off Our Menu

Have you ever wondered how to cure your own salmon? No need to slave over a hot stove or even a hot barbeque for this tasty treat since your fridge can do the work for you (with some help from salt, sugar, and spirits).
If you are looking for a fun food (and science) project for the kids in your lives you must check out NASA’s Sun S’mores recipe.
Harness the energy of the sun to make the best snack ever invented.  No camp fire needed although some adult supervision may be a good idea!
And for some thirst quenching iced tea, it doesn’t get any easier than using this beautiful cold brew tea infuser from the lovely and independently owned tea shop in Kensington – the Naked Leaf.

Local Deliciousness

Summer is the season of picnics. And you can’t go wrong with a simple but delicious picnic at a gorgeous gem like Glenmore Park. Before you head for the reservoir, make sure to stop in at Empire Provisions and pick up one of their truly scrumptious sandwiches or charcuterie boards to enjoy. And, if you love olives, you MUST try their cold smoked olives. Absolutely delish!

For a special picnic occasion treat yourself to a beautiful and tasty picnic basket from River Café. You can order them from June to September. All you need to bring is your appetite!

Walking on Sunshine! In honour of the longest day of the year please tune in to Here Comes the Sun. You will be grinning from ear to ear as you water your garden, sip a cool cocktail or drive with your windows down! We received some great feedback about our Spring Jumping for Joy playlist so we hope you enjoy this one too.

Don’t be shy –  let us know what you think.

Tasty Resources

We have two tasty resources that will really sweeten this summer season. The Art of Gathering; How We Meet and Why It Matters by Priya Parker discusses the true meaning of connecting with others and why it is so important. It is for anyone who has ever wondered how to take an ordinary moment and make it unforgettable – and meaningful.

How to Eat a Peach by Diana Henry is another great summer read. All about menus and moods, Henry features 100 recipes and 24 menus, each with their own story. One more tasty resource is one of our  favourite blogs –  Five simple steps to a sensational summer celebration.

Happy Canada Day everyone!  And that celebration is just a warm up for Stampede! Beef, BBQs and big hats are in season! From midway munchies to pulled pork and potato salad, we have a Stampede menu that will put the Yee-haw in any party.

Best wishes to you for a fun-filled summer full of memorable and meaningful moments. Please forward this newsletter to someone who needs more party in their lives (who doesn’t?). They will thank you and so will we. Stay tuned for your next issue of Party to the People coming out in September!

What’s in Season?

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