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Summer Party Professional

By June 14, 2018May 10th, 2022No Comments

Summer Party Professional

Let the summer parties begin! We lost it this winter didn’t we? All we wanted to do was hide inside and cozy up by a fire. But now that summer is here, the urge to entertain is hitting us hard.

Whether you’re planning a huge outdoor wedding or organizing a small gathering in the backyard, there are lots of great resources available that can help you go from party host to party master.

Have No Fear

Hosting outside can be scary. You have a lot of variables to manage that are often out of your control, including rain and mosquitoes. The best strategy is to be prepared– and have a plan in place to deal with mother nature if, and when, she strikes.

When it comes to bugs, make sure there’s no standing water in the area, which is where bugs and mosquitoes like to gather. Light eucalyptus candles or burn Citronella incense, which are both designed to keep the bugs at bay. Offer guests bug spray to protect themselves or blankets in case the evening gets cool.

Clouds moving in? Plan to move the event indoors, if possible. If you see the forecast changing a few days before the event, rent a small tent so that at least the food can be covered. If you’re hosting an outdoor event that must be moved indoors, find some décor that can create the same feel indoors – including tiki torches, fresh flowers and colourful tropical touches.

Al Fresco All The Way

Fire up the grill, get marinating and enjoy cooking, and eating in the great outdoors.

Summer is the season to let the oven go cold. Fire up the grill, get marinating and enjoy cooking, and eating in the great outdoors. When it comes to curating the perfect menu for outdoor events, it’s good to get creative, maybe even a little crazy. There’s no need to stick to standard summer fare. Host a fish fry or clambake. Heat things up with a Hawaiian themed event complete with Mai Tai bar, Shrimp salsa and Hawaiian pork burgers. Grill fruit for dessert. Host a picnic with prosecco punch. Or show off your hosting prowess with a ‘coastal’ event featuring fresh seafood and salted caramel desserts. While food can be the focal point of any event, enjoying good food outside with great people is an easy way to score points and create a memorable celebration.

Dish It Out

When it comes to setting the table outside, there are some incredible dishes available that are fun, functional and budget-friendly too. Go retro with fun melamine camp dishes that will keep guests eating, and talking. They’re dishwasher safe, unbreakable and can be used inside and out. If you’re trying to go big on the wow factor and keep your footprint small, there are also some amazing compostable dishes available. These “wooden” plates are made of pressed leaves and are much stronger than paper plates.

Be A Guest Too

If you’re not in the mood to become a host this summer, you can certainly become a professional guest. We absolutely love YYSCENE – Calgary’s Go-to Guide for Getting Out. And we also love the Calgary Folk Festival! There are so many parties and BBQ’s being held around Calgary over the next eight weeks. It’s a great time to meet new friends, get lots of Vitamin D and prepare for what we all know is coming – another winter.

We are always up for any Calgary catering challenge you can throw our way and we are always happy to use our event planning knowledge to make your party a celebration you will never forget!

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