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From Scratch

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From Scratch

There are a lot of pre-made, out of the box catering “dishes” available out there. They’re cheap, easy to make and often look okay, but when you really dig into them, they often come up short on flavour and feeling.

Our Commitment To Fresh Food

Our commitment is to finish as much of the food at the event site as close to service as possible to make sure it is as beautiful as it is delicious and fresh.

“When it comes to our philosophy, we’ve really made a sincere commitment to preparing as much of our food from scratch as humanly possible,” says J’Val Shuster, owner of Calgary-based Devour Catering. Sure, it takes more time, but when we see people devouring the flavourful fruits of our labour, we know we’re doing things right. And, naturally, we want to keep doing it.

Think Outside The Box

No kitchen? No problem. These platters are ready for a family-style wedding for 180 guests.

We want guests to indulge in a quality experience, from the first course to the last. From fresh salads and mains to sides and desserts, everything is cooked on site, which shows our passion, our value and our commitment to helping clients host meaningful celebrations. A lot of care goes into our signature dishes, including our apple and cranberry roasted turkey, garlic braised broccolini and chocolate ricotta mousse. Considerate of both taste and temperature, we prepare the food right before serving it, even baking the buns that we use for our mini sliders and burgers. The only time we out-source items is when the product is better than we can prepare it. (Yes, we leave the sushi to the pro’s.)

Raising The Standards

Bison tenderloin grilled perfectly – yum yum!

Making food from scratch may not be the cheapest or fastest way to prepare and serve food, but for us it’s about raising the standards in terms of flavour and presentation and delivering something that we (and our clients) can be proud of. Made from scratch food isn’t about just feeding people, it’s about serving from the heart. And for us, that’s what truly matters.

Shannon Valente of Shannon Valente Weddings in Calgary believes a wedding is one day where you get to have everyone you love most in this world in one room. “One of the best things about Devour is that they customize EVERY menu they create, so there are no two weddings the same. Whether we are asking for a beach barbeque station, circus or space themed food for an event, or a popcorn bar they find out what is important to you and why and wow you with a menu that will surely impress your guests,” says Valente.

And our made from scratch philosophy extends beyond the food and the same care is extended into every part of our business. We hire like-minded people who want to make a positive and genuine impact on our guests and also work with suppliers who share our values. In the end we, we’re a Calgary caterer that knows that while there are short cuts, the scenic route has a lot more to offer.

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