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Let’s Get Personal

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Let’s Get Personal

Parties Personalized: How to inject originality into your wedding

Your wedding day is a big day. And while it’s going to be memorable for you as a couple, you want to make it memorable for your guests as well. How do you do that?

It’s All In The Details

The Shawnessy Barn is a perfect venue to express your personality. Custom details like these handmade pennants are fantastic!

For Shannon Valente, owner of Shannon Valente Weddings, the most unique aspect of any wedding is the bride and groom. After all, it is why guests are there. “I love infusing my clients personalities into their wedding details, whether it is how they met, their love for travel or just a few of their favourite things, to me it’s what makes the day memorable,” says Valente.

Everything from the food, décor and cocktails to the music and invitations can create a meaningful and memorable occasion. Whether it’s surprising everyone with a unique colour choice or hand written notes for each guest, the more thought you put into the details, the more meaningful it will be for everyone.

Where To Start? The Food Of Course!

These whimsical desserts were favourites of the bride and groom and garnished to coordinate with the bright colours chosen for the reception.

For Devour Catering owner, J’Val Shuster, food is about more than a menu, it’s about creating meaning and moments. A great place to start is by tailoring your menu to your personality. Two families are coming together, so why not create a menu that reflects your personality as a pair?  This can also be the ‘hook’ that ties everything else together, including colours, flowers and decor. With a strong theme, all of these details will come together, almost effortlessly.

Another easy way to make your menu personal is by starting with your favourite foods, or dishes that represent your heritages. Honeymooning somewhere exotic? Share this detail with guests by including dishes from your soon-to-be honeymoon destination. “With a menu that’s unique, your guests will get to know the two of you on a whole new level, and feel like they not only attended your celebration, but were an important part of it too.” says Shuster.

Once your menu is personalized, you can get creative with serving styles too. Combine the relaxed feel of family-style dining with a plated dessert. There are no rules, only opportunities to wow guests with imagination, thought, and picture perfect food.

Seek Inspiration

These custom made lantern chandeliers set the tone for this family-style tented wedding.

Back in the day, wedding inspiration came from one place – wedding magazines. But today, the world is your oyster. From Pinterest to Etsy, there are simple, affordable and elegant ways to think big, think beautiful and think bridal. But usually the  best source of inspiration comes right from your own interests and personality. Shannon Valente Weddings has done some interesting things over the years. From trivia about the bride and groom to doughnut towers, hot dog carts, singing flash mobs and skateboard and helicopter entrances, they’ve had some pretty cool clients, with amazing talents, which makes for fun, personalized weddings!

So think outside the bouquet, get creative and look high and low for ways to connect with guests, your family, and your bridal party. As a Calgary wedding caterer, Devour is always ready to help you craft the details and create a personal wedding. We invest the time getting to know you and learning your story so that we can make sure your big day reflects who you are and what matters to you.

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