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The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep: Special Event Rentals

By June 15, 2021August 15th, 2022No Comments

The Company We Keep: Special Event Rentals

Interview with Darren Kershaw – Owner of Special Event Rentals

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Darren Kershaw the owner of Special Event Rentals in Calgary. Darren’s dedication to the event industry and his endless enthusiasm for overcoming any challenge creates truly special events.

Making Events Special

Darren Kershaw knows a thing or two about throwing a party. For 20 years, his company, Special Event Rentals, has been creating the backdrop, decor and ambiance for large corporate events, small backyard functions and charity events.

When you walk into the Calgary showroom, you are instantly transported into a party space. From the displays of mock dining parties to the backdrops and props for the most elegant of weddings, you can tell that Special Events Rentals does things very differently. For party hosts who need help with translating their vision to reality, there is no shortage of ideas right in front of your eyes. From chairs, to linens, to table adornments to a champagne wall, all is on display as inspiration for your event.

“We are the bricks and mortar of the event,” Kershaw says. “The people who plan and design the events are the brains of the operations. We go in and build their vision, what they’ve sold to the client as far as a concept and design. People can come in here and pick what they want. We rent to everybody. Someone can come rent 12 plates if they want to.”

Making Memories

The most memorable event Special Event Rentals set up was a small wedding with 120 guests. The client requested a bridge be built over their rock garden and canal, a tent with draping, and a stage for a band. Darren was instructed to pull the drape to reveal the band as soon as the singer sang the opening lyrics of his song.

“I was told to pull back the curtain as soon as I heard ‘Billie Jean’,” he says. “I’m standing there waiting and thinking ‘Billie Jean, Billie Jean, Billie Jean’ and then I hear the piano. That’s not Michael Jackson, I thought. Oh crap, that’s Elton John. He’s playing Blue Jean!”

That pre-planning and set-up for the event was stressful, pushing Darren and his team to create a lounge, build a set and a stage, and perform on cue.

“I rent chairs. I rent tables. What is going on?” he says, reflecting on the event. “I was standing there watching Elton John perform. We were pushed to the envelope with the challenges and it created a great memory.”

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