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Cooking Like a Chef At Home

By February 2, 2021May 11th, 2022No Comments

Cooking Like a Chef At Home

The minute you type in ‘How to Cook’ in YouTube, you are presented with a long list of possibilities. It’s a rabbit hole of delicacies and sometimes, disasters. With so many of us spending more time in our kitchen, it’s only natural to have the ambition to try making things we’ve never made before. It’s not any different in the Devour kitchen. As soon as a client calls and asks “I was wondering if you could…”, the kitchen comes alive with the thrill  of possibility. Culinary people are like that – we get as much excitement from creating something new as we do from tossing in an extra pinch of paprika to a traditional dish.

We encourage you to take some risks in the kitchen. Get excited about the ingredients. If you’ve been curious about trying a new cheese, call or visit your local cheese shop and ask for pairing recommendations with chicken or soup. Try a new-to-you spice as a rub for flank steak. Visit an Asian grocery store and discover a world of ingredients you won’t see anywhere else. Plan some vegan or vegetarian alternatives. The possibilities are endless when you make your kitchen a playground.

The Devour team has come up with some simple ideas – call them hacks if you must – that will help you make the most of your kitchen adventure.

  • Buy the best quality ingredients you can afford. Quality beats out quantity every time.
  • Take a walk down the international foods aisle at your local grocery store. Challenge yourself to pick an ingredient you have never used and then find a recipe for it.
  • Fresh spices and good quality make a HUGE difference. Our favourite is The Silk Road Spice Merchants in Inglewood. If you haven’t been – you must go!
  • Pick ‘jewels’ to adorn or garnish your meals – flavoured oil to garnish your soups or pasta, condiments for your sandwiches or meats, luscious cheeses where a smidge makes your tongue smile.
  • Vanilla is easy to make at home. You need whole vanilla beans and vodka (or rum or brandy, if you prefer) and time (1 to 3 months).
  • Nutritional yeast isn’t just a replacement for cheese in vegan sauces. It’s a wonderful base for popcorn seasoning.

When you make your kitchen a test zone instead of a chore zone, you can be creative, have fun and surprise yourself with what you can create

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