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Why the Show Must Go On

By July 24, 2020May 10th, 2022No Comments

Why the Show Must Go On

The team at Devour is always focused on you and your celebrations. Every now and then, though, we’d like to invite you into our own spaces and celebrations. In this spirit, I am sharing my own story of why it was so important for a graduation celebration to go ahead.

Outdoor weddings and events have always been popular however, now they’re slightly different. Photo:

My daughter graduated from Grade 9 in June. There was supposed to be a graduation party marking the transition from junior high to high school, but COVID-19 put a full stop to that. This year, there wasn’t going to be a banquet, or a dance, or a large party in a decorated hall. There was going to be a lot of devastated 14- and 15-year olds who would remember the end of their final year of junior high was truncated by a pandemic.

At the back of my mind, an idea began to form. This didn’t have to be an all or nothing event. Maybe we could cobble together some kind of garden party, keeping physically distant, minimizing the spread, and find new ways to celebrate.

This was the big question: Would it be worth the risk to mark this moment in time?

The answer is yes. Always yes.

While we can’t ignore the risks of having a celebration right now, we also can’t dismiss the consequences of letting our milestone moments pass us by without acknowledging them. The ritual of a grad party, or a wedding, or a wake reminds us of the cycles in life. The ritual of celebration allows us to bring together our community – even if we are two metres apart. The once-in-a-lifetime celebrations can still happen, even if the celebration isn’t as ebullient and festive as it might have been ‘before covid’. It’s vitally important to continue reinforcing our connections and deepening our relationships with friends and family. It’s not easy for anyone to be apart for so long. We still have the basic human needs: love and connection. It is important to experience these essentials as we navigate this difficult time.

As a host, it will be challenging to manage the health recommendations for how to keep everyone safe while trying to throw a party that isn’t what you had planned for before the pandemic. Give yourself permission to adjust your expectations around what the celebration “should” be. What it “should” look like, how it “should” be set up, what extras you “should” include are no longer relevant. Instead of regretting what should have been, focus on the purpose of the celebration. Your guests want – and need – a reason to celebrate too. It is still possible to create a memorable and enjoyable celebration while keeping everyone safe.

At its essence, Devour aims to bring comfort to people. Our food nourishes not only everyone’s bodies – but hopefully everyone’s hearts as well. Even though your milestone birthday party or wedding anniversary may not look and feel the same as you had imagined it would be (in pre-COVID days), isn’t the coming together of your closest family and friends to enjoy each other and mark the moment in time the actual point?

Devour is a company built on heartfelt hospitality and, even though physical distancing requirements make how you host an event slightly different, our desire to facilitate celebration has not wavered. While Devour has been part of many once-in-a-lifetime celebrations with you, we believe that each day gives us something to celebrate. Gratitude, appreciation and connection are the essential ingredients for every celebration no matter how large or small or how physically distanced you may need to be. We can always use these – even more now.

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