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Mad Men Move Over! Jellied Salads Coming Through…

By February 5, 2013July 19th, 2022No Comments

Mad Men Move Over! Jellied Salads Coming Through…

We made this 50s-themed party come to life with jellied salads!

Theme parties theme parties! We love them. I am so excited to tell you about the most recent one Devour was a part of this past weekend.

It was a 50th birthday party that was originally intended to be a surprise but someone spilled the beans a little early – whoops! Since the birthday boy was born in 1963, we were asked to provide a cocktail party menu that looked like it walked straight out of a Betty Crocker cookbook from the era.

Now some Calgary caterers would maybe just tweak their current menu items here and there or rename them to fit the theme but not us! We went a little crazy with the jelly salads but they are so beautiful, vibrant, and fun. And the cheese ball was definitely a huge hit.

Food, and your enjoyment of it, is connected to the memories that it holds. Jelly salads and deviled eggs may not be ‘au courant’ now, but their look and taste transport you back to a time when you were younger and possibly make you think of a family event or a beloved family member. We love customizing the menu to something meaningful in the lives of the guests and hosts because it is this emotional attachment and excitement that sends the party experience over the top.

And it wasn’t just the stationary food that walked off the set of Mad Men, the passed hors d’oeuvres were right in style as well. Guests were greeted with a Mai Tai with paper umbrella and maraschino cherry or a classic martini with almond-stuffed olives.

From shrimp cocktail, poached salmon, and a cheese ball with Ritz crackers to having fun with jelly salads. Let Devour create a customized menu for you.

The Menu

Bite-sized beef Wellingtons
Mini pigs in a blanket
Swedish meatballs
Fully loaded mini cheese burgers
Deviled eggs (gf,v)
Norfolk crab in mushroom cap

Ploughman’s lunch platter
to include English cheeses, house-cured meats, pates, boiled eggs, Branston pickle, fresh and pickled veggies and fruit

Cold seafood platter
Assorted delights from the sea to include cured, smoked, poached and raw with sauces and garnishes

Cheese ball and accoutrements

Jelly Salad Jubilee to include Perfection, Fantasia, and Ambrosia

Grasshopper pie

Costume Parties Rock!

Everyone arrived in costume and the gentleman who came as Andy Warhol was the hit of the party. So much fun! It is so easy to create a memorable experience to mark an important milestone in your life. The client enjoyed the party so much we are already planning another birthday celebration for next year which will be a Moroccan Casbah with belly dancing and henna tattoos… oh the food possibilities for that celebration will be delicious!

Thinking Theme Party?

If you are thinking about hosting a themed cocktail party or dinner party you can get more ideas and see other sample menus in our ‘theme parties’ blog posts. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like us on Facebook, and check out our beautiful boards on Pinterest. Life really is worth celebrating – so let us help you and contact us today!

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