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'I See You' Care Packages

We are excited to share your gratitude with Calgary healthcare workers!

Heartfelt Thank You Messages

You are so important to our lives - our heartfelt thanks and lifelong gratitude for your commitment and dedication to a career of the highest calling.

Bob L.I See You

We want to let you know that words alone cannot express the appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication that all of you show daily in these overwhelming times. We hope that this makes you feel supported in some small way. Take care and enjoy a nice meal. Love,

Mandy and KevinI See You

To you - an incredible human being! This dinner is for YOU! Yah YOU. Because you are amazing and since I can’t hug strangers I am feeding you with LOVE. I am so thankful for YOU and all the fantastic people you work and all the freakin’ hard stuff you have been doing and continue to do to keep us safe. You are loved! Xox

Mary A.I See You

Thank you for being the light in so much darkness. I am sending you this meal with so much love.

Elizabeth J.I See You!

I see you and all the hard work you do. I see the tears shed and the quick cries in the clean supply room. I see the love you have for a thankless job. I see you still showing up every shift with a smile and a “we got this” attitude. I see you. I appreciate you. Thank you for all that you do, it does not go unnoticed.

Cathy M.I See You

Thank you for all that you are doing to help keep people healthy. We enjoyed selling lemonade to help you. We are sending our love to you all.
(** special note – these lovely kids sold $480 in lemonade and emptied their piggy banks to buy 50 meals for a whole unit)

Cedar (9), Oakley (7), Ricky (12), and Liala (8)I See You

Thank you to the ICU teams for everything you have done for our province. We see you. We are beyond grateful and we can’t thank you enough for your care and service. Our family is sending you all our love. (*special note: this family purchased 100 meals for two units).

The L FamilyI See You

Dear ICU worker, We are so, so grateful for you. We know you are tired and we are so thankful that every shift you’re finding the courage and energy to carry on doing such tough work. You are awesome! We hope you can sit down for a bit to enjoy this meal. With love from a family in SW Calgary (p.s. we have all had our COVID-19 vaccinations).

The C FamilyI See You

Thank you for the tireless hours you give to your job while under extreme stress. I’m not sure how you do it but know we are so proud of you and the work you do. I hope this meal gives you strength to get through this shift and all these messages give you hope to sustain you through what you have yet to face.

Karen A.I See You

To the ICU worker who receives this small token of gratitude: Please, if you can, take this short moment to pause and breathe in the care I am sending to you in this moment. You are amazing. You are resilient. I am so thankful for your incredible work. You’ve got this - and we’ve got you.

Debbie R.I See You

I See You - ICU Care Packages

During Thanksgiving week of 2021, more than 1,700 generous Calgarians purchased over 6,500 care packages to express their gratitude, care, and support for healthcare workers.

The care packages consist of a hearty frozen dinner and dessert along with a thank you card with a personalized message from the person who purchased the package. Some examples of the heartfelt messages are above.

The response has been truly astonishing and to witness the wave of gratitude expressed by so many people has been a privilege for the team at Devour. It is a beautiful demonstration of how much we care for and support all healthcare workers in our community.

Devour At Home

The Power of Gratitude

What started as a small idea to say thank you to one ICU unit at the Foothills Hospital turned into an outpouring of support from Calgary and beyond. It truly shows the power of saying thank you.

Devour will be delivering hundreds of packages a week to all five Calgary hospitals. We will provide updates and more photos as the deliveries continue.

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