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The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep: Metrovino Fine Wines

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The Company We Keep: Metrovino Fine Wines

Interview with Richard Harvey at Metrovino Fine Wines
Richard’s business philosophy, attention to detail and his heartfelt love for sharing his knowledge makes every trip to Metrovino an exceptional one. His authentic and genuine passion for wine is a true inspiration and a key ingredient to amazing celebrations.

Dipping Your Toe in the Drink

Whether you are looking for a new adventure in wine or are just dipping your toe in the drink for the first time, Metrovino is ready to serve. Richard Harvey and his team at the shop, tucked behind The Cookbook Company on 11th Avenue, have extensive knowledge and enthusiastically share that with their customers.

The store is filled from floor to ceiling with an eclectic mix of wines, champagnes and other assorted spirits. It’s the small details that make you feel like you’ve walked into an adults-only candy house, which is exactly how Harvey wants you to feel. Along the wall adjacent to the cash register, a small stuffed Frida Kahlo identifies the Mexican mezcal section. A $95.00 dollar bottle of kabinett (fully ripened off the vine wine) sits on the shelf next to a $28.00 riesling. There is no class division in this lovely shop.

It’s Magical

For more than 25 years, Richard has been serving customers who come through the doors of Metrovino.

“I’m of the age now where some of the adults I’ve served are now sending their children, who are now 25 years old, telling them to buy their wine from Metrovino,” he says.

As an independent wine shop, Metrovino takes great satisfaction from being able to manage their own inventory. Every dollar spent has been a conscious choice to curate interesting and non-mainstream wines and spirits. The shelves hold many familiar bottles, but also the wines of many hard-to-find small producers and intriguing, obscure wine regions.

Richard’s business philosophy, attention to detail and his heartfelt love for sharing his knowledge makes every trip to Metrovino an exceptional one. Richard – and any of his staff – will never just sell you a bottle of wine. As you browse the shelves and make a selection, be prepared to be amused by stories: of the grapes, the people, the places and the history connected to that bottle.

When asked about Sherry, Richard regales us with surprising knowledge. “One of the most astonishing beverages on the planet is Spanish Sherry. There are more things in heaven and earth than people imagine about Sherry. I can show you a fully dry white wine that’s a Sherry.  It isn’t just brown and sweet. There’s a wide spectrum of what you can get in Sherry. It’s magical.”


There is nothing intimidating about Metrovino. The seasoned wine drinker looking to stock her cellar is just as comfortable as the first time buyer looking for a good place to start.

“Relax,” Richard advises novices, “it’s all about enjoying it in a convivial way. It only gets better as you start to learn more. When you learn more, what you know about a wine will enhance your enjoyment. Take baby steps. You don’t need to know everything from the start.”

At Metrovino, the toughest decision a shopper will have to make is choosing what to leave behind. The options are endless and at every turn, there is a new and interesting product to examine and inquire about. Metrovino is more than a stop on your way home, it’s a destination.

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