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’Tis The Season to Celebrate! Deck the Halls…

By December 7, 2012May 3rd, 2022No Comments

’Tis The Season to Celebrate! Deck the Halls…

Devour Catering loves parties in December! Fa la la la la… Yes – it is officially December. This is the month that you either love or dread. And, I have to say, that we love December.

On the first day of Christmas my caterer brought to me… 12 Cocktail parties, 11 Buffet feasts, 10 Corporate celebrations, 9 sit-down dinners… you get the idea… oh, yes and a partridge in a pear tree! This is the time of year when people open their doors and hearts to welcome and host their friends and family. We always feel so privileged to be a part of every celebration.

There are a few traditions that we honour at this time of year. And it is one that some of the staff here give me a hard time about. You will see in the photo collage above a photo of grey bundles taped to the doorway of the Devour kitchen. What are these you ask? We light a sparkler for each event as we head out the door to bring holiday cheer to our clients and their guests. As it burns down we think good thoughts and well wishes for the party we are headed to.

Yes, we bring food. Yes, we bring wonderful service. But what we really hope to bring is our genuine heartfelt hospitality. It is this that makes the Devour difference we believe. As I say all the time,  happy caterers make for happy parties. And happy parties make memories to cherish.

Thank you to everyone who has made Devour part of their December and thank you to all of you for spreading the Devour love through your wonderful and positive word-of-mouth. There truly would be nothing to Devour without you. And then we wouldn’t have any sparklers to light!

Please check out our new holiday decor boards on Pinterest and send us your feedback about anything you have read here.

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